Glass Lid Co. Lt

Established in 2014 is now one of Iran largest suppliers of High Quality, High-Shock and Temperature-Resistant Tempered Glass Lid for cookware.

High Quality

We adopt excellent quality float glass and SUS304 stainless-steel for C type/T type ;carrying out the ASO9001-2000 Quality Control system is another quality assurance

Shock & High Tempered-Resistant

QC perform standard physical testing regulation each shift, which ensures that our products performs a 200 degree delta temperature or bear the maximum temperature of 280 degrees. The lids can be divided into Round/Oval and Rectangular type according to its shape, Low-Dome and High-Dome Flat top are alternative. Logo and Decorations can be printed directly on the Glass Lid. We can supply you with high quality tempered glass covers for cookware.