Project Description

High DOME Lid

  • Combination by float glass and stainless steel ring
  • Color available: Clear, Green, Blue, Gray, etc.
  • OEM service available.
    1. Heat test: put glass lid into oven temperature to 200 º, and constant  temperature for 30 minutes, remove immediately into 20 º water glass, no broken or crack,
    2. Impact resistance test: 227g ball from 1.5 meters in free fall in glass lid 1/3 radius, so after four times over without damage or glass cracks, [double hole for two times and several holes for one time
    3. Test: use 120 # pressure within the cover glass sand friction surface 15 times, and quiet place after 24 hours, no broken or glass cracks,
    4. Destructive testing: add forces will cover glass broken 5*5cm measuring range, the number of particles. 4mm thick glass more than 60, 5mm thick glass than 80, and all particles into shape, the biggest grain weight does not exceed 4.25 g,
Attribute Value
Brand Akhavan
Material 4mm Float Glass/sus304
Type C-type or T type
Size 12cm˷ ˷36cm
Payment T/T, L/C
Thickness 4.0mm float glass
Package Carton
Delivery time 30days after confirm order
Supply ability 20,000 pieces/day
Loading port Bandar Abbas